SSU physics and astronomy students also have access to the campus MakerSpace in the Schulz Library, which was created by a National Science Foundation grant awarded to Profs. Jeremy Qualls and Lynn Cominsky.

The 1900-square foot Makerspace is located on the second floor of the Schulz library. It includes: six 3D printers, 2 sewing and 2 embroidery machines, 2 360-degree cameras, a laser cutter, vinyl cutter, heat and button presses, a digital media production workstation, 3D scanner, 2 Carvey CNC routers, soldering station, sublimation, PCB and laser printers, and 25 laptops equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud and TinkerCad software.

A classroom with flexible tables supports learning by 24 students, who can view presentations on a large format interactive display. The accompanying Virtual Reality Lab occupies an additional 187 square feet and includes four different VR systems, including Oculus Rift and HTV Vive.