The SSU Department of Physics and Astronomy is grateful for the private donations which help it to carry on its activities. For example, the What Physicists Do public lecture series and Public Viewing Nights at the SSU Observatory are supported entirely by private donations to the Public Programs Account and income from the Science at Work endowment. Privately-funded scholarships support a few physics majors, and contributions to the supplies fund allow the department to buy some much-needed equipment. Contributions to any of the Department's accounts may be sent to the Department Chair, with a note designating the account(s) for which the donation is intended. Checks should be made out to the SSU Academic Foundation. Contributions are tax deductible to those who itemize.

Department Accounts & Endowments

Current Accounts # Endowment Accounts #
Public Programs #C0141 Charles & Norma Mckinney Fund #E0185
Physics & Astronomy Equipment and Supplies #C0142 Horace L. Newkirk Memorial Student Assistantship Fund #E0208
Student Development Program #C0144 Duncan E. Poland Physics & Astronomy Scholarship Endowment Fund #E0231
Duncan E. Poland Physics & Astronomy Scholarship (Current) #S0265 Science at Work #E0269
Ongaro Family Scholarship & Award Fund   Sol & Edith Tenn Scholarship #E0304
EdEon #C0486 Joseph S. Tenn Scholarship #E0305
    Physics and Astronomy Student Research Fund #E0346