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For many years Sonoma State University has been among the leaders in the California State University system in the percentage of undergraduates majoring in physics. The department offers a traditional, mathematically rigorous program leading to a B.S. in physics; a more applied curriculum leading to a B.S. in physics with a concentration in astrophysics; and a B.A. in physics program which allows considerable flexibility for the student who wishes to go directly into the industry or teaching after obtaining their degree. The multi-disciplinary B.A. Physical Science program explores the concepts and processes of the physical world, allowing students to take classes in different disciplines which will prepare them for a variety of careers.

The department also offers minors both in physics and astronomy. All programs stress fundamental concepts and techniques, offer a remarkably rich research laboratory experience, an intensive use of computers, and require a capstone course as a culminating experience. Capstone projects may include experimental design, instructional design, or undergraduate research — personalized and unique opportunities to demonstrate the skills and knowledge acquired in the major.

Programs Offered

Offered Program - SSU Catalog Advising Checklist - Download
B.S. in Physics Advising Checklist for B.S. in Physics
B.S. in Physics with Concentration in Astrophysics  Advising Checklist for B.S. in Physics with Concentration in Astrophysics
B.A. in Physics Advising Checklist for B.A. in Physics
B.A. in Physical Science Advising Checklist for B.A. in Physical Science
Minor in Physics N/A
Minor in Astronomy N/A


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