What Physicists Do - Archive

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February 14, 1983 Brown X-Ray Observations Of The Solar Corona
Dr. William A. Brown
Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory
February 28, 1983 Kapany Three Decades In Fiber Optics
Dr. Narinder Kapany
Kaptron, Inc. and the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development, University of California, Santa Cruz
March 7, 1983 Schroeder Creating New States Of Matter
Dr. Lee S. Schroeder
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
March 14, 1983 Backer The Millisecond Pulsar
Dr. Donald C. Backer
University of California, Berkeley
March 21, 1983 White The Stanford Artificial Ear Project
Dr. Robert L. White
Stanford University
April 4, 1983 Eldred Pixe: From Air Pollution To The Gutenberg Bible
Dr. Robert A. Eldred
University of California, Davis
April 11, 1983 Cohen Predicting Properties Of Solids
Dr. Marvin L. Cohen
University of California, Berkeley
April 18, 1983 de Kleer Artificial Intelligence: A Personal Perspective
Dr. Johan de Kleer
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
April 25, 1983 Portis Routes To Chaos
Dr. Alan M. Portis
University of California, Berkeley
May 2, 1983 Bube Fundamentals Of Solar Cells
Dr. Richard H. Bube
Stanford University
May 9, 1983 Nero Indoor Radiation Exposures: Potential Increases From Conserving Energy In Buildings
Dr. Anthony V. Nero, Jr.
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
September 12, 1983 Wallace Computer Aided Design Of Microwave Circuits
Holly Wallace
Sonoma State University
September 19, 1983 Poland The New Transistors
Dr. Duncan E. Poland
Sonoma State University
September 26, 1983 Dyal Infrared Astronomy In The Eighties
Dr. Palmer Dyal
NASA Ames Research Center
October 3, 1983 Little Micro-Miniature Refrigerators
Dr. William A. Little
Stanford University
October 10, 1983 Jungerman Nuclear Weapons And Nuclear Arms Control
Dr. John A. Jungerman
University of California, Davis
October 17, 1983 Jaros Radioactivity, Fleeting Beauty, And The Search For Truth
Dr. John A. Jaros
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
October 24, 1983 Goldsmith Shedding New Light On Flames With Lasers
Dr. John E. M. Goldsmith
Sandia National Laboratories
October 31, 1983 Sandage The Age Of The Universe
Dr. Allan Sandage
Mount Wilson and Las Campanas Observatories
November 7, 1983 Chan Analytical Electron Microscopy In Materials Science
Dr. Ignatius Y. Chan
Chevron Research Company