A New Lick Observatory - Bay Area Public College Consortium

Presenter Full Name
Dr. Anne Metevier
Year & Semester
2023 Fall
Presentation Date
October 23, 2023


Dr. Metevier will describe a new effort to significantly expand Lick Observatory's education programs in the Bay Area. At the college level, this includes the development of a consortium of Bay Area public colleges (community colleges and Cal State campuses, including Sonoma State) that will have access to Lick Observatory's telescopes and technology for education programs. This effort reflects UC Observatories' strong interest in broadening access to Lick Observatory, which sits atop Mount Hamilton near San Jose. This consortium will provide students who may not have had access to a major astronomical research facility new experiences with observing, data analysis, and astronomical discovery. In addition to describing the new consortium and related activities, Dr. Metevier will describe how her career path led her to working with UC Observatories to direct the consortium.