What Physicists Do - Archive

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November 8, 1999 Carlip Quantum Gravity in Flatland
Dr. Steven Carlip
University of California, Davis
February 11, 2002 Carniglia the Optical Coating Engineer — From Star Wars to Telecommunications
Dr. Charles Carniglia
Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc.
April 22, 1985 Carr Left-Handed Forces and Particles
Dr. John Carr
University of Colorado, Boulder
October 31, 2016 Carter Innovation in a Changing Climate
Dr. Sue Carter
UC Santa Cruz
May 3, 1999 Carter Plastic Electronics: From Solar Cells to Transistors
Dr. Sue A. Carter
University of California, Santa Cruz
March 4, 1974 casper Mar 4 Plus Five Years
Dr. Barry M. Casper
American Physical Society
April 21, 1997 Chaiken The Physics of Magnetic Recording
Dr. Alison Chaiken
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
September 14, 1987 Chakrabarti Extreme and Far Ultraviolet Aeronomy
Dr. Supriya Chakrabarti
a Senior Fellow at the UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory
October 21, 1991 Chan Statistical Mechanics and Protein Folding
Dr. Hue Sun Chan
University of California, San Francisco
December 4, 1972 chan Women In Science
Dr. Elaine Rothstein Chan
University of California at Berkeley
November 7, 1983 Chan Analytical Electron Microscopy In Materials Science
Dr. Ignatius Y. Chan
Chevron Research Company
March 10, 2008 Chang the Role of Energy Efficiency in California’s Efforts to Curb Global Warming
Audrey Chang
Natural Resources Defense Council
September 28, 1981 Chanowitz The Unity Of The Electromagnetic And Weak Nuclear Forces
Dr. Michael Chanowitz
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
January 28, 1975 chau Heat Conduction In Solids At Low Temperatures
Dr. Cheuk-Kin Chau
Illinois Institute of Technology
March 14, 1988 Chau Frontiers in Particle Physics
Dr. Ling-Lie Chau
University of California, Davis
November 27, 1995 Chau Frontiers in Particle Physics
Dr. Ling-Lie Chau
University of California, Davis
April 27, 1992 Chemla Physics Applications of Quantum Well Optoelectronics
Dr. Daniel S. Chemla
University of California at Berkeley
March 9, 1998 Chen From Computer Chips to Potato Chips: How Plasma Physics Affects Our Everyday Life
Dr. Francis F. (Frank) Chen
University of California, Los Angeles
October 25, 2010 Chertok the Building Blocks of Matter
Dr. Maxwell Chertok
University of California, Davis
April 22, 2002 Chester Physics as Symmetry
Dr. Marvin Chester