What Physicists Do - Archive

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March 27, 1978 Sanger The Multiple Mirror Telescope And Stellar Interferometry
Dr. Gregory M. Sanger
University of California Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
April 3, 1978 Smith Medical Physics
Dr. Vernon Smith
University of California, San Francisco
April 10, 1978 Bremermann Is God A Mathematician?
Dr. Hans J. Bremermann
University of California, Berkeley
April 17, 1978 Weaver Explosive Events In The Milky Way
Dr. Harold Weaver
University of California, Berkeley
April 24, 1978 Karas Geothermal Energy--Its Production And Environmental Consequences
Dr. Richard H. Karas
Sonoma State University
May 1, 1978 Madey The Free-Electron Laser
Dr. John M. J. Madey
Stanford University
May 8, 1978 Seaman Physics At Very High Pressures
Dr. Lynn Seaman
SRI International
May 15, 1978 Spear Astronomical Research At The Sonoma State College Observatory
Dr. Gordon G. Spear
Sonoma State University
September 11, 1978 film Computers And Robots
Film presentation
September 18, 1978 Lucas Solar Energy Is Here
Robert P. Lucas
Solar Energy Engineering
September 25, 1978 Wampler How Bright Are The Quasars?
Dr. E. Joseph Wampler
Lick Observatory
October 2, 1978 film The Exploration Of Space
Film presentation
October 9, 1978 Buffington A Balloon-Borne Cosmic Ray Beryllium Isotope Experiment
Dr. Andrew Buffington
University of California Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
October 16, 1978 Byer Remote Air Pollution Measurements Using Lasers
Dr. Robert L. Byer
Stanford University
October 23, 1978 Scherrer The Sun As A Star
Dr. Philip Scherrer
Stanford University
October 30, 1978 Hubbard Photochemistry Of The Polluted Atmosphere
Lynn Hubbard
University of California, Riverside and the National Center for Atmospheric Research
November 6, 1978 Hollister An Energy-Saving Light Bulb
Donald Hollister
Lighting Technology Corporation
November 13, 1978 Malina Stellar Extreme-Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
Roger Malina
University of California, Berkeley
November 20, 1978 Bloomer The Influence Of Matter On Geometry
Dr. Iris Bloomer
Sonoma State University
November 27, 1978 Crawford Looking At The Stars With A Rubber Mirror
Dr. Frank S. Crawford
University of California Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory