What Physicists Do - Archive

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April 19, 1977 Torode Low Cost Computing For Everyone
Dr. John Torode
Digital Systems will
April 26, 1977 Karas On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
Dr. Richard H. Karas
Sonoma State College
May 3, 1977 Goldstein The Science Of Materials
Dr. Irving Goldstein
Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc.
May 10, 1977 Kovach Some Aspects Of Earthquakes, Earthquake Prediction, And Quakes On Mars
Dr. Robert Kovach
Stanford University
September 19, 1977 Film The Building Of The Bomb
Film presentation
September 26, 1977 Toon Climatic Change On Mars
Dr. Owen B. Toon
Cornell University
October 3, 1977 Tarter Searching For Extraterrestrial Intelligence With Existing Radio Telescopes
Dr. Jill C. Tarter
NASA Ames Research Center
October 10, 1977 Hiatt Semiconductor Physics: Why Transistors Die
John Hiatt
Hewlett Packard
October 17, 1977 Hunt Electricity From The Sun: Prospects And Problems
Dr. Arlon Hunt
University of California Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
October 24, 1977 Underwood The Earth As Viewed From Space
Richard W. Underwood
NASA Johnson Space Center
October 31, 1977 Greene The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Part Ii
Dr. Sam Greene
Sonoma State College
November 7, 1977 Fairbank In Search Of The Quark
Dr. William M. Fairbank
Stanford University
November 14, 1977 Winick Synchrotron Radiation: New Ways In Research With Photons
Dr. Herman Winick
Stanford University
November 21, 1977 Tenn The Discovery Of The Galaxies
Dr. Joe S. Tenn
Sonoma State College
November 28, 1977 Barnebey A Pitch About Pitch
Dr. Tom Barnebey
Sonoma State College
December 5, 1977 Bass Gas Lasers And Holography
Dr. Isaac L. Bass
Sonoma State College
February 13, 1978 Johnston Planning California's Energy Future
Dr. George L. Johnston
California Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission
February 27, 1978 Gorenstein The Cosmic Background Radiation And A Modern Ether Drift
Dr. Marc Gorenstein
University of California Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
March 6, 1978 Nunamaker The Pioneer Space Missions — Past, Present, And Future
Robert Skip Nunamaker
NASA Ames Research Center
March 13, 1978 Panofsky Experimental Evidence For The New Family Of Quarks
Dr. W. K. H Panofsky
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center