What Physicists Do - Archive

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October 7, 2002 Bower the Allen Telescope Array and the Next Generation of Radio Telescopes
Dr. Geoffrey C. Bower
University of California at Berkeley
March 29, 2010 Boyd Creating a Star in the Laboratory: The National Ignition Facility
Dr. Richard N. Boyd
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
April 18, 1988 Boynton Experimental Search for a Fifth Force
Dr. Paul E. Boynton
University of Washington
April 25, 2011 Bradac Dark Side of the Universe
Dr. Marusa Bradač
University of California, Davis
April 24, 1972 brand Conservation Or Conversation: Which Is It To Be?
Paul Brand
Bay Area Air Pollution Control District
November 7, 1988 Bray Dc to Daylight
Dr. Robert Bray
Hewlett-Packard Microwave Technology Division
April 2, 1984 Bray Surface Acoustic Wave Devices
Dr. Robert Bray
Hewlett-Packard Company
April 12, 1982 Breakwell Riding A Bicycle Without Hands
Dr. John V. Breakwell
Stanford University
March 10, 1980 Bregman Infrared Astronomy From High Flying Observatories
Dr. Jesse Bregman
NASA Ames Research Center
April 10, 1978 Bremermann Is God A Mathematician?
Dr. Hans J. Bremermann
University of California, Berkeley
September 29, 2003 Briggs the Vertical Dimension of Future Mars Exploration
Dr. Geoffrey Briggs
NASA's Ames Research Center
March 27, 1995 Brister a Guided Tour of Chess
Dr. Keith Brister
Cornell University
February 28, 1994 Brister Deep Focus Earthquakes and the Common Cold
Dr. Keith Brister
Cornell University
October 5, 1981 Brister Gases In Solids
Keith Brister
Sonoma State University
March 22, 1977 Brittain Environmental Noise Control
Dr. Frank Brittain
Bechtel Research and Engineering
October 14, 2002 Brodie Extragalactic Globular Clusters: Insights Into Galaxy Formation
Dr. Jean Brodie
University of California Observatories/Lick Observatory and the University of California, Santa Cruz
March 25, 1974 brooks Physics And Chemistry
Dr. F. Leslie Brooks
Sonoma State College
February 14, 1983 Brown X-Ray Observations Of The Solar Corona
Dr. William A. Brown
Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory
March 23, 1987 Brown Spectroscopic Measurements of Combustion Emissions
Nancy J. Brown
UC Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
October 1, 1990 Brown Ion Sourcery, Materials, and Diamonds
Dr. Ian Brown
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory