What Physicists Do - Archive

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February 4, 1975 herzo Cosmic Gamma Rays
Dr. Dennis Herzo
University of California, Riverside
February 11, 1975 mahajan Thermodynamics Of Biological Systems
Dr. Sukhbir Mahajan
California State University, Fresno
February 18, 1975 oppenheimer The Building Of The Bomb
Oppenheimer, Teller, Segré, Fermi, and Heisenberg
February 25, 1975 cudaback The Gathering Universe
Dr. David Cudaback
University of California, Berkeley
March 4, 1975 galloway Why Is The Sky Brown?
Dr. Terry Galloway
University of California, Berkeley
March 11, 1975 alonso Colliding Nuclear Drops
Dr. Carol Travis Alonso
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
March 18, 1975 targ Experimental Evidence For Remote Viewing Of Natural Targets
Dr. Russell Targ
tanford Research Institute
April 1, 1975 perez-mendez Biomedical Applications Of Physics Techniques
Dr. Victor Perez-Mendez
University of California, San Francisco and the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
April 8, 1975 tinsley An Unbound Universe?
Dr. Beatrice Tinsley
University of California, Santa Cruz and the Lick Observatory
April 15, 1975 cox Oceans, Weather, And Climate
Dr. Charles Cox
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
April 22, 1975 kraft Transmutation Of Elements In Stars
Dr. Robert Kraft
Lick Observatory and the University of California, Santa Cruz
May 6, 1975 schipper Energy Conservation: Hidden Benefits, Hidden Barriers
Lee Schipper
University of California, Berkeley
September 9, 1975 winegarner Thin Films And Solar Energy
Richard Winegarner
Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc.
September 16, 1975 karas The Physics Of Soaring Flight
Dr. Richard H. Karas
Sonoma State College
September 23, 1975 kuhi Why Has The Sun Slowed Down?
Dr. Leonard Kuhi
University of California, Berkeley
September 30, 1975 luxenberg Holography And Information Display
Dr. H. R. Luxenberg
Chico State University
October 7, 1975 joels Exploring Our Solar System—the Only Game In Town
Dr. Kerry M. Joels
NASA Ames Research Center
October 14, 1975 hayes Cooling It With The Sun
Douglas Hayes
October 21, 1975 wagoner The Evolution Of The Universe
Dr. Robert V. Wagoner
Stanford University
October 28, 1975 bolt Predicting Earthquakes And What To Do About Them
Dr. Bruce Bolt
University of California, Berkeley