What Physicists Do - Archive

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April 1, 1974 trimble Planet, Pulsar, Glitch, And Wisp: Violent Ends To Stellar Evolution
Dr. Virginia Trimble
University of California, Irvine
April 15, 1974 apfel Terrestrial Utilization Of Solar Energy
Dr. Joseph H. Apfel
Research at Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc.
April 22, 1974 greene Solar Energy And Alternative Physics
Barbara Greene
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory[CANCELLED]
April 29, 1974 porter Paranormal Physical Phenomena
Robert Porter
Sonoma State College
May 6, 1974 faber Observations Of Elliptical Galaxies
Dr. Sandra Faber
University of California, Santa Cruz
May 13, 1974 meurk Physics And Cancer
Mary Meurk
West Coast Cancer Foundation
September 9, 1974 film Mystery Of Stonehenge
Film presentation
September 16, 1974 loebner Physicists As Inventors And Discoverers
Dr. Egon Loebner
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories and Stanford University
September 23, 1974 neubaour Improved Comfort And Economy With A Semisolar House
Dr. Loren W. Neubauer
University of California, Davis
September 30, 1974 karas The Aurora And The Earth's Magnetic Field
Dr. Richard H. Karas
Sonoma State College
October 7, 1974 bodine The Student And The Company
Dr. Norman R. Bodine
Engineering, Independent Cable Division, Eltra Corp.
October 14, 1974 dieter The Birthplace Of Stars
Dr. Nan Dieter
Radio Astronomy Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley
October 21, 1974 villarejo Can Physics Survive In The Modern World?
Dr. Don Villarejo
October 28, 1974 barnebey The Not-So-Elementary Particles
Dr. Tom Barnebey
Sonoma State College
November 4, 1974 hoffer Atmospheric Physics Now And In The Future
Dr. Thomas E. Hoffer
Desert Research Institute, University of Nevada
November 11, 1974 dyer Pioneer 10 And 11 Missions--Space Odyssey To Jupiter
Jack Dyer
NASA Ames Research Center
November 18, 1974 greene Physics And The Paranormal
Doug Greene
Sonoma State College
November 25, 1974 miller Violent Events In The Nuclei Of Galaxies
Dr. Joe S. Miller
Lick Observatory and the University of California, Santa Cruz
December 2, 1974 nicholson Man's Impact On The Climate
Dwight Nicholson
Sonoma State College
January 28, 1975 chau Heat Conduction In Solids At Low Temperatures
Dr. Cheuk-Kin Chau
Illinois Institute of Technology