What Physicists Do - Archive

Date Aboutsort ascending
October 10, 2016 Velez Neutrino and Cosmic Ray Astrophysics With the Icecube Neutrino Observatory
Dr. Juan Carlos Diaz Velez
November 5, 2018 Velasco the Physics of 2-D Materials
Dr. Jairo Velasco
UC Santa Cruz
November 3, 2003 Vandersall Can Scientists Describe Reality With Computer Simulations?
Dr. Jennifer Young Vandersall
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
February 17, 1976 vanderbuilt Microcomputers
Paul Vanderbilt
Fairchild Semiconductors
May 12, 1980 Van Horn Coal And Electric Power Prospects To The Year 2000
Dr. Andrew Van Horn
Teknekron Research, Inc., Berkeley
February 25, 2008 van Gorkom the Evolution of Galaxies in Different Environments
Dr. Jacqueline van Gorkom
Columbia University
February 6, 1984 Van Dyke Picturing Fluid Flow
Dr. Milton Van Dyke
Stanford University
September 15, 2003 Van de Walle the Fascinating Physics and Applications of Hydrogen in Materials
Dr. Chris Van de Walle
Palo Alto Research Center
September 15, 2014 Van Buskirk Technology Innovation Forecasting
Dr. Robert Van Buskirk
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
April 2, 2012 van Bibber a Physicist’s Walk on the Dark Side
Dr. Karl van Bibber
University of California at Berkeley
October 13, 1986 Vallerga the Charge Coupled Device
Dr. John Vallerga
University of California, Berkeley
February 28, 2022 Valiante TBA
Elisabetta Valiante
October 24, 2022 Valasco Imaging Atomically Thin Quantum Material Devices at the Nanoscale
Jairo Valasco Jr
UC Santa Cruz
October 24, 1977 Underwood The Earth As Viewed From Space
Richard W. Underwood
NASA Johnson Space Center
April 24, 2000 Tyson Cosmic Dark Matter and Optical Communication
Dr. J. Anthony Tyson
Lucent Bell Laboratories
March 25, 2002 Tucker the Nature and Nurture of Black Holes
Dr. Wallace Tucker
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and University of California, San Diego
November 30, 1981 Tsang Hot And Chilled Water Storage In Underground Formations
Dr. Chin-Fu Tsang
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
March 3, 2003 Trujillo Expanding the Solar System: Moving Beyond Quaoar to Super-Plutos
Dr. Chad Trujillo
California Institute of Technology
April 1, 1974 trimble Planet, Pulsar, Glitch, And Wisp: Violent Ends To Stellar Evolution
Dr. Virginia Trimble
University of California, Irvine
February 5, 1996 Trimble the Solar Neutrino Problem and How We Know Stars Run on Nuclear Energy; Cobe  and How We Know the Universe Went Through a Big Bang; Gamma Ray Bursters and How Sometimes We Don't Know Anything
Dr. Virginia Trimble
University of California, Irvine