What Physicists Do - Archive

Date Aboutsort descending
February 8, 1999 Basri the Hunt for Brown Dwarfs
Dr. Gibor Basri
University of California at Berkeley
November 2, 1976 bass Spinning Little Magnets
Dr. Isaac L. Bass
Sonoma State College
February 14, 1972 bass Lasers And Light
Dr. Isaac Bass
Sonoma State College
March 7, 1994 Bass the Other Large Laser at Livermore
Dr. Isaac L. Bass
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
May 14, 1973 bass Visual Observations Near Absolute Zero
Dr. Isaac Bass
Sonoma State College
April 6, 1981 Bass Tunable Visible And Ultraviolet Laser Light: Getting There From The Infrared
Dr. Isaac L. Bass
Quanta Ray, Inc.
March 16, 1971 bass The World Of The Super Cold
Dr. Isaac Bass
Sonoma State College
May 11, 1971 bass What Is Happening In Biophysics?
Dr. Maurice Blaug
Sonoma State College
December 5, 1977 Bass Gas Lasers And Holography
Dr. Isaac L. Bass
Sonoma State College
December 7, 1992 Baszucki a Complete Motion Laboratory on a Computer
Gregory Baszucki
Knowledge Revolution
February 2, 2009 Batalha Kepler’s Hunt for Habitable Planets
Dr. Natalie Batalha
San Jose State University and NASA Ames Research Center
October 25, 2021 Battat Testing Einstein with Lasers and the Moon
Dr. James Battat
Wellesley College
November 3, 1980 Bauer Superficial Physics And Electronics
Dr. Robert S. Bauer
University of California, Berkeley
December 1, 1980 Baumeister Optical Interference Coatings
Dr. Philip W. Baumeister
Optical Coating Laboratories, Inc.
April 23, 1984 Beasley Superconductivity, Pendula, And Chaos
Dr. M.R. Beasley
Stanford University
October 5, 2015 Beaton Stellar Haloes: The Galactic Wild West
Dr. Rachael Beaton
Observatories Carnegie Institution for Science
November 9, 1992 Beck Micromachining, Silicon Structures, and Sensors
Dr. Patricia Ann Beck
Hewlett-Packard Co.
November 6, 1989 Becker Radio Observations of Supernova Remnants
Dr. Robert Becker
University of California at Davis
February 8, 2005 Becklin Sofia: Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy
Dr. Eric Becklin
University of California, Los Angeles
October 18, 2004 Bedsworth Climate Control: Reducing the Role of Cars in Global Warming
Dr. Louise Bedsworth
Union of Concerned Scientists