What Physicists Do - Archive

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May 14, 1973 bass Visual Observations Near Absolute Zero
Dr. Isaac Bass
Sonoma State College
May 21, 1973 hill High School Physics — Wanted: Dead Or Alive
Jim Hill
Los Gatos Union High School
September 17, 1973 film Physics And People
Film presentation
September 24, 1973 martz Infrared Astronomy
Dr. Dowell Martz
Pacific Union College
October 1, 1973 segre The Discovery Of The Neutron
Dr. Emilio Segré
University of California at Berkeley
October 8, 1973 coffey Magnetic Levitation
Dr. Howard Coffey
Stanford Research Institute
October 15, 1973 wurtele What Meteorologists Do
Dr. Morton Wurtele
October 29, 1973 milburn Psychophysics, Magnetic Fields, And Some Environmental Implications
Dr. Burton Milburn
Environmental Impact Profiles
November 5, 1973 benton Biomedical Applications Of Heavy Ion Beams
Dr. Eugene Benton
University of San Francisco
November 12, 1973 film Mystery Of Stonehenge
Film presentation
November 19, 1973 benford Science Fiction And The Prediction Of The Future
Dr. James Benford
Physics International Company
November 26, 1973 palsso The Great Comet Of 1973
Ralph Palsso
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
December 3, 1973 dunning Power From The Earth
Dr. John R. Dunning, Jr
Sonoma State College
December 10, 1973 gofman Science And Society
Dr. John Gofman
University of California at Berkeley
February 11, 1974 tenn Cosmic Distances
Dr. Joe Tenn
Sonoma State College
February 25, 1974 ruffini Black Holes, Neutron Stars, Singularities, And All That
Dr. Remo Ruffini
Princeton University
March 4, 1974 casper Mar 4 Plus Five Years
Dr. Barry M. Casper
American Physical Society
March 11, 1974 yeh Lasers And The Molecules Of Life
Dr. Yin Yeh
University of California, Davis
March 18, 1974 gleason Biophysics In Clinical Neurosurgery And Neurology
Dr. Curtis Gleason
Mount Zion Neurological Institute
March 25, 1974 brooks Physics And Chemistry
Dr. F. Leslie Brooks
Sonoma State College