What Physicists Do - Archive

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October 2, 1972 degroot Laser Fusion
Dr. John DeGroot,
University of California at Davis
October 9, 1972 tenn Neutrinos From The Sun
Dr. Joe Tenn
Sonoma State College
October 16, 1972 hafemeister The Physics Of The Arms Race
Dr. David Hafemeister
California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo
October 30, 1972 shapiro Energy, Man, And All That
Dr. Charles Shapiro
California State University, San Francisco
November 6, 1972 christiansen Special Relativity
Arnold Christiansen
Sonoma State College
November 20, 1972 greene Black Holes And Cosmology
Dr. Sam Greene
Sonoma State College
November 27, 1972 sposito Water Resources In Sonoma County
Dr. Gary Sposito
Sonoma State College
December 4, 1972 chan Women In Science
Dr. Elaine Rothstein Chan
University of California at Berkeley
December 11, 1972 film The Violent Universe
Film presentation
February 12, 1973 film Probing The Moon
Film presentation
February 26, 1973 wright What Geophysicists Do
Dr. William H. Wright III
Sonoma State College
March 5, 1973 macken Present And Future Applications Of Lasers
John Macken
Optical Engineering, Inc.
March 12, 1973 oppenheimer Aesthetics And The Right Answers
Dr. Frank Oppenheimer
March 19, 1973 dyer Nuclear Astrophysics: Supernovae, Pulsars, And Carbon Burning
Dr. Peggy Dyer
Kellog Radiation Laboratory at Caltech
March 26, 1973 kraft Recent Results Of X-Ray Astronomy
Dr. Robert P. Kraft
UC Santa Cruz, Lick Observatory
April 2, 1973 donigan Kirlian Photography
Donald Donigan
Sonoma State College
April 9, 1973 poland Electronics Revolution
Dr. Duncan Poland
Sonoma State College
April 23, 1973 morse A Historian Looks At Science
Dr. Ed Morse
Sonoma State College
April 30, 1973 mel Where Physics And Biology Meet
Dr. Howard C. Mel
UC Berkeley
May 7, 1973 michel Nuclear Fingerprinting Of Ancient Pottery
H. V. Michel
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory