What Physicists Do - Archive

Datesort descending About
November 14, 1983 Goldhaber Telling About Science
Judith Goldhaber
University of California Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
November 21, 1983 Kapany Three Decades In Fiber Optics
Dr. Narinder Kapany
Kaptron, Inc.
November 28, 1983 Cabral Space Shuttle And Secondary Payloads
William F. Cabral
Martin Marietta
December 5, 1983 Eshleman Radio Exploration Of The Saturn System
Dr. Von Eshleman
Stanford University
February 6, 1984 Van Dyke Picturing Fluid Flow
Dr. Milton Van Dyke
Stanford University
February 13, 1984 Del Grande Taking The Earth's Temperature With Blackbody Radiation
Dr. Nancy Kerr Del Grande
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
February 27, 1984 Wheaton Renaissance Of The Lightquantum
Dr. Bruce R. Wheaton
University of California, Berkeley
March 5, 1984 Farmer Have You Thought Of High School Physics Teaching?
Arthur V. Farmer
Gunn High School, Palo Alto
March 12, 1984 LeFebvre Anti-Reflection Coatings On Video Display Terminals
Paul LeFebvre
Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc.
March 19, 1984 Pischel Processing And Display Of Three-Dimensional Data
Eugene F. Pischel
Lockheed Missiles and Space Company
March 26, 1984 Pollack Climatic Change On The Earth And Its Neighbors
Dr. James B. Pollack
NASA Ames Research Cente
April 2, 1984 Bray Surface Acoustic Wave Devices
Dr. Robert Bray
Hewlett-Packard Company
April 9, 1984 Starkweather Xerographic Imaging And Its Uses
Gary K. Starkweather
Xerox Palo Alto Resaearch Center
April 23, 1984 Beasley Superconductivity, Pendula, And Chaos
Dr. M.R. Beasley
Stanford University
April 30, 1984 Haller Semiconductor Research At The Center For Advanced Materials
Dr. Eugene E. Haller
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and the University of California, Berkeley
May 7, 1984 Cohen The Birth Of Stars
Dr. Martin Cohen
University of California, Berkeley and NASA Ames Research Center
May 14, 1984 Goldhaber Particles With Hidden And Naked Charm
Dr. Gerson Goldhaber
University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
September 17, 1984 Werner The Infrared Universe: Iras Discoveries And The Promise Of Sirtf
Dr. Michael Werner
NASA-Ames Research Center
September 24, 1984 Weber Deep Level Defects In Semiconductors
Dr. Eicke Weber
University of California, Berkeley
October 1, 1984 Reynolds A Physicist In Yellowstone With A Mass Spectrometer
Dr. John Reynolds
University of California, Berkeley