What Physicists Do - Archive

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March 22, 1982 Parker To See Within
Dr. Dennis L. Parker
University of California, San Francisco and Sonoma State University
March 29, 1982 Oriti Meteorites: Messengers From Space
Ronald A. Oriti
Santa Rosa Junior College
April 12, 1982 Breakwell Riding A Bicycle Without Hands
Dr. John V. Breakwell
Stanford University
April 19, 1982 Rosen Machine Intelligence And Robotics
Dr. Charles A. Rosen
Machine Intelligence Company
April 26, 1982 Epstein Thinking Physics
Dr. Lewis Epstein
City College of San Francisco
May 3, 1982 Ishikawa Modeling Fluid Flow
Muriel Ishikawa
NASA Ames Research Center and Stanford University
May 10, 1982 Amer Photoacoustic Spectroscopy
Dr. Nabil M. Amer
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
September 20, 1982 Davis The Large Scale Universe
Dr. Marc Davis
University of California, Berkeley
September 27, 1982 Borchers Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion: Doing It With Mirrors
Dr. Robert R. Borchers
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
October 4, 1982 Rahimi Deep Impurities In Semiconductors
Dr. Saeid Rahimi
Sonoma State University
October 11, 1982 Hagstrom Surface Physics Enlightened By Synchrotron Radiation
Dr. Stig B. M. Hagström
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center and Stanford University
October 18, 1982 Vogel Probing Molecular Clouds With Radio Interferometers
Stuart Vogel
University of California, Berkeley
October 25, 1982 Taber In Search Of The Magnetic Monopole
Dr. Michael Taber
Stanford University
November 1, 1982 Schawlow Spectroscopy In A New Light
Dr. Arthur L. Schawlow
Stanford University
November 8, 1982 Wilson Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells
Geoffrey A. Wilson
Sonoma State University and Argonne National Laboratory
November 15, 1982 Harris The Search For High Density Nuclear Matter
Dr. John Harris
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
November 22, 1982 Spear Interstellar Travel: Possibilities And Techniques
Dr. Gordon G. Spear
Sonoma State University
November 29, 1982 Tenn Arthur Stanley Eddington
Dr. Joseph S. Tenn
Sonoma State University
December 6, 1982 Kahn Liquid Crystals: Applications To Electronics And Life
Dr. Frederick J. Kahn
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
February 7, 1983 Blumenthal Gravitinos And The Clumpy Universe
Dr. George R. Blumenthal
University of California, Santa Cruz