What Physicists Do - Archive

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April 27, 1981 Karas Erosion Of The Earth's Magnetic Field
Dr. Richard Karas
Sonoma State University
May 4, 1981 Soreng Optical Levitation
Keith Soreng
Sonoma State University
May 11, 1981 Calvin Solar Energy Capture And Storage By Water Splitting
Dr. Melvin Calvin
University of California, Berkeley
September 14, 1981 Spinrad Spectroscopic Studies Of Recent Comets
Dr. Hyron Spinrad
University of California, Berkeley
September 21, 1981 Everitt The First Great Unification In Physics
Dr. C. W. Francis Everitt
Stanford University
September 28, 1981 Chanowitz The Unity Of The Electromagnetic And Weak Nuclear Forces
Dr. Michael Chanowitz
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
October 5, 1981 Brister Gases In Solids
Keith Brister
Sonoma State University
October 12, 1981 Quinn Grand Unification Theories
Dr. Helen R. Quinn
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
October 19, 1981 Talley The Crisis In Science And Technology: It's Here Now
Dr. Wilson K. Talley
University of California, Davis and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
October 26, 1981 Huberman The Sound Of Chaos
Dr. Bernardo Huberman
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center and Stanford University
November 2, 1981 Morrison The Voyager Exploration Of Saturn
Dr. David Morrison
University of Hawaii
November 9, 1981 Osterbrock Active Galactic Nuclei
Dr. Donald E. Osterbrock
Lick Observatory
November 16, 1981 Cairns Advanced Batteries: A Step Toward Energy Independence
Dr. Elton J. Cairns
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and the University of California, Berkeley
November 23, 1981 Gallagher Resonant Collisions Between Rydberg Atoms
Dr. Thomas F. Gallagher
SRI International
November 30, 1981 Tsang Hot And Chilled Water Storage In Underground Formations
Dr. Chin-Fu Tsang
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
February 8, 1982 Henderson Do States Matter? Phase Transitions In Two And Three Dimensions
Dr. Douglas Henderson
IBM Research Laboratory
February 22, 1982 Forbes Semiconductor Materials Characterization: Gallium Arsenide And Silicon
Dr. Len Forbes
University of California, Davis
March 1, 1982 Lawson Superconducting Materials
Dr. A. C. Lawson
Pomona College
March 8, 1982 Cominsky X-Ray Bursts And The Eddington Limit
Dr. Lynn Cominsky
University of California, Berkeley
March 15, 1982 Gaillard Cosmology And Particle Physics
Dr. Mary K. Gaillard
University of California, Berkeley