What Physicists Do - Archive

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September 30, 2013 John s4: Small Satellites for Secondary Students
Kevin John
Sonoma State University
September 23, 2013 Abel Dark Matter: And How We Would Not Be Alive Without It
Professor Tom Abel
Stanford University/KIPAC
September 16, 2013 Targett a Citizen Science Colonization Model for the Koprulu Sector in Starcraft 2
Dr. Tom Targett
Sonoma State University
September 9, 2013 Welsch Magnetic Fields on the Sun: All That Stuff From E&M Really Works!
Dr. Brian Welsch
from UC Berkeley
April 22, 2013 Ivancic Nmr Spectroscopy as a Tool for Bridging Physics and (Bio)chemistry
Dr. Monika Ivancic
April 15, 2013 Hichwa Musical Acoustics of Baroque Bassoons
Dr. Bryant Hichwa
Sonoma State University
April 8, 2013 Arioli Nircam for the James Webb Space Telescope
Frederick Arioli
Lockheed Martin
March 25, 2013 qualls a Thirsty Lab
Dr. Qualls
March 11, 2013 marchis Tiny Moons Around Asteroids
Dr. Franck Marchis
March 4, 2013 Davis Doing Policy and Technology Experiment With Nuclear Weapons
Dr. Jay Davis
February 25, 2013 rebar Teacher Research Experiences: Impact of the Stem Teacher and Researcher (Star) Program
Dr. Rebar
February 11, 2013 McLin Not Just for Scientists: Nasa and Ssu Bring Scientific Advances to the Classroom and the World
Dr. Kevin McLin
February 4, 2013 Berger Searching for Gravitational Waves With Ligo
Dr. Beverly Berger
National Science Foundation
January 28, 2013 Eyer Distributed Energy Resources
Jim Eyer
E & I Consulting
November 26, 2012 schlegel Dark Energy From the Largest Galaxy Maps
Dr. David Schlegel
November 19, 2012 Nitsche the Periodic Table in Motion: Where Will It End
Dr. Heino Nitsche
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
November 5, 2012 Kimball the Universe in an Atom: How Precision Measurements of Atoms Can Probe the Universe's Greatest Mysteries
Dr. Derek Kimball
October 29, 2012 Haber the Higgs Boson Unleashed
Dr. Haber
October 22, 2012 Pines Some Magnetic Moments
Dr. Pines
October 15, 2012 Cooksey the Universe in Absorption
Dr. Kathy Cooksey
Massachusetts Institute of Technology