What Physicists Do - Archive

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October 29, 1979 Panofsky Arms Control And Salt
Dr. W.K.H. Panofsky
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
November 5, 1979 Clarke Squids And Geophysics
Dr. John Clarke
University of California, Berkeley
November 12, 1979 Morrison The Moons Of Jupiter
Dr. David Morrison
University of Hawaii
November 19, 1979 Wolfe Preliminary Results Of The Pioneer 11 Saturn Encounter
Dr. John Wolfe
NASA Ames Research Center
November 26, 1979 Goodwin Physics, Philosophy, And Business
Dr. Paul Goodwin
Calista Corporation
December 3, 1979 Lea Extragalactic X-Ray Sources
Dr. Susan Lea
University of California, Berkeley
February 11, 1980 Lampton The Spacelab One Mission
Dr. Michael Lampton
University of California, Berkeley
February 25, 1980 DeFreez Remote Detection Of Methane Using Lasers
Richard DeFreez
Sonoma State University
March 3, 1980 Fraknoi Astrology, Ufo’s, Worlds In Collision, And Ancient Astronauts
Andrew Fraknoi
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
March 10, 1980 Bregman Infrared Astronomy From High Flying Observatories
Dr. Jesse Bregman
NASA Ames Research Center
March 17, 1980 film Exploring Mars And Venus
Film presentation
March 24, 1980 Mathews Messier 87—the Giant Black Mass Galaxy
Dr. William Mathews
Lick Observatory and the University of California, Santa Cruz
April 7, 1980 Hallett How Snow Crystals Grow
Dr. John Hallett
Desert Research Institute and University of Nevada, Reno
April 14, 1980 Geballe Superconductors--Their Existence And Use
Dr. Theodore H. Geballe
Stanford University
April 21, 1980 Bartlett Forgotten Fundamentals Of The Energy Crisis
Dr. Albert A. Bartlett
University of Colorado
April 28, 1980 hamberlain The Time Projection Chamber — New Particle Detector
Dr. Owen Chamberlain
University of California, Berkeley
May 5, 1980 Cross Introduction To Holography
Lloyd Cross
School of Holography, San Francisco
May 12, 1980 Van Horn Coal And Electric Power Prospects To The Year 2000
Dr. Andrew Van Horn
Teknekron Research, Inc., Berkeley
May 19, 1980 Montgomery Holes, Waves, And Eddies
Richard Montgomery
Sonoma State University
September 8, 1980 Silk The Origin Of The Galaxies
Dr. Joseph Silk
University of California, Berkeley