What Physicists Do - Archive

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December 4, 1978 Hahn Entropy—ebb And Flow Of Chaos
Dr. Erwin L. Hahn
University of California, Berkeley
February 12, 1979 Hauser A Pinhole View Of Geometrical Optics
Dr. Jim Hauser
University of California, Berkeley
February 26, 1979 Hewitt Relativistic Time Dilation
Paul G. Hewitt
City College of San Francisco
March 5, 1979 Taylor The Black Holes Of Gravity
Professor John Taylor
Sonoma State University
March 12, 1979 Mallinson The Magnetic Recorder As A Communications Channel
John C. Mallinson
Ampex Corporation
March 19, 1979 Tenn Bose-Einstein Condensation And Superfluidity In Liquid Helium
Dr. Joe S. Tenn
Sonoma State University
March 26, 1979 Sachs Einstein And Cosmology
Dr. Rainer Sachs
University of California, Berkeley
April 2, 1979 DeFreez Stimulated Emission: From Einstein To The Laser
Rick DeFreez
Sonoma State University
April 16, 1979 Davis Now You See It, Now You Don't: Stalking The Elusive Photon
Dr. Sumner P. Davis
University of California, Berkeley
April 23, 1979 Long Preliminary Results Of The Voyager Jupiter Encounter
James E. Long
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
April 30, 1979 Huffman Relativistic Interstellar Travel
Dr. Arthur Huffman
University of California, Los Angeles
May 7, 1979 Newkirk How To Keep A Spacecraft From Wobbling
Horace Newkirk
China Lake Naval Weapons Center
May 14, 1979 Colin The Extensive Exploration Of Venus In Dec 1978
Dr. Lawrence Colin
NASA Ames Research Center
September 10, 1979 Everitt The Relativity Gyroscope Experiment
Dr. Francis Everitt
Stanford University will describe a new test of Einstein's general theory of relativity based on orbiting very precise gyroscopes in satellites.
September 17, 1979 Silber Recent Experiments With Polarized Electron Beams
Mary Silber
Sonoma State University
September 24, 1979 Barnebey Auditoriums: The Largest Musical Instruments
Dr. Tom Barnebey
Sound Solutions Acoustical Consulting Services and Sonoma State University
October 1, 1979 film One Small Step
Film presentation
October 8, 1979 Wall The Physics Of Magic--And Vice Versa
Jesse David Wall
City College of San Francisco
October 15, 1979 Wright Energy Conservation--Where We Should Be Now
Jan Wright
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
October 22, 1979 Heiles Interstellar Shells And Supershells
Dr. Carl Heiles
University of California, Berkeley