What Physicists Do - Archive

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March 8, 1977 Arons Compact X-Ray Sources
Dr. Jonathan Arons
University of California, Berkeley
March 1, 1977 Smith Environmental Physics And The Energy Crisis
Kirk Smith
University of California, Berkeley
February 22, 1977 Friedman Finding Physics In Modern Literature
Dr. Alan Friedman
University of California, Berkeley
February 15, 1977 de Vincenzi Viking — The Search For Life On Mars
Dr. Donald de Vincenzi
NASA Ames Research Center
February 8, 1977 Wall Applications Of Space And Aerial Photography
Sharon Wall
University of California, Berkeley
November 30, 1976 Barnebey A Physicist Blows His Own Horn
Dr. Tom Barnebey
Sonoma State College
November 23, 1976 johnson Is There A Tokamak In Your Future?
Dr. George L. Johnson
Sonoma State College
November 16, 1976 shu Understanding Spiral Galaxies
Dr. Frank H. Shu
University of California, Berkeley
November 9, 1976 price In Search Of The Magnetic Monopole
Dr. P. Buford Price
University of California, Berkeley
November 2, 1976 bass Spinning Little Magnets
Dr. Isaac L. Bass
Sonoma State College
October 26, 1976 greene The Search For Extraterrestrial Life
Dr. Sam Greene
Sonoma State College
October 19, 1976 cahill Evidence For Superheavy Elements In Ancient Rocks
Dr. Thomas A. Cahill
University of California, Davis
October 12, 1976 samis The Brand X Laser
Dr. Michael Samis
Optical Engineering Company
October 5, 1976 hall The Relativity Twins Visit The Black Hole
Dr. Donald E. Hall
California State University, Sacramento
September 28, 1976 nerney High Speed Streams In The Solar Wind And Coronal Holes
Dr. Steven F. Nerney
NASA Ames Research Center
September 21, 1976 lampton Extreme Ultraviolet Astronomy
Dr. Michael Lampton
University of California, Berkeley
September 14, 1976 freedman Explorers Of The Infinite: Teaching Physics Through Science Fiction
Roger Freedman
Stanford University
September 7, 1976 boughn Gravity Waves
Dr. Stephen Boughn
Stanford University
May 11, 1976 faulkner Can A Beautiful Young Star Find Lasting Happiness In The Arms Of A Degenerate Dwarf?
Dr. John Faulkner
University of California, Santa Cruz
May 4, 1976 ruby The Impact Of Nuclear Energy In California
Dr. Lawrence Ruby
University of California, Berkeley