What Physicists Do - Archive

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April 22, 2024 Gadgil Development Engineering: My Journey and Lessons
Dr. Ashok Gadgil
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
April 15, 2024 Vishik Superconductivity, the Hype, the Reality, and the Experiments
Dr. Inna Vishik
UC Davis
April 8, 2024 Miller Physics Career Pathways
Dr. Alexandra Miller
Sonoma State University
March 11, 2024 Panel Life in Graduate Progams
Alumni Panel
March 4, 2024 Luk A Magic Show of the Neutrinos
Dr. Kam-Biu Luk
UC Berkeley
February 26, 2024 Golterman Spinning Tales: Exploring Muons
Dr. Maarten Golterman
San Francisco State University
February 19, 2024 Ruth Finding Center: A Balancing Act between Circus and Science
Julia Ruth
November 13, 2023 Gaffney Achieving Fusion Gain in the Laboratory: How Physicists Design, Deploy, and Interpret Experiments at the National Ignition Facility
Dr. Jim Gaffney
November 6, 2023 Du From Astronomical Research to Communicating Astronomy
Dr. Xinnan Du
October 30, 2023 Lee N ~ 1: Alone In The Milky Way
Dr. Pascal Lee
SETI Institute
October 23, 2023 Metevier A New Lick Observatory - Bay Area Public College Consortium
Dr. Anne Metevier
October 16, 2023 Radulaski Quantum Nanophotonics
Dr. Marina Radulaski
October 9, 2023 Westfall The Motions of Stars and Gas in Disk Galaxies
Dr. Kyle Westfall
October 2, 2023 Ji Imaging the Brain at High Spatiotemporal Resolution
Dr. Na Ji
September 25, 2023 Shaghoulian The Black Hole Information Paradox
Dr. Edgar Shaghoulian
May 1, 2023 Maxfield TBA
Henry Maxfield
April 24, 2023 Akindele TBA
Tomi Akindele
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
April 17, 2023 Becoming a STEM Teacher
SSU STEP Program
Sonoma State University
April 10, 2023 Betre TBA
Kassahun Betre
April 3, 2023 Marshall Modeling Supernovae as a Fireball
Jacob Marshall
SSU Alumni