What Physicists Do - Archive

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November 4, 1975 rauscher Modern Physics And Consciousness
Dr. E. A. Rauscher
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
November 11, 1975 lynch Recent Discoveries In Particle Physics: A New World
Dr. Harvey Lynch
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
November 18, 1975 hering Dirty Air -- Where Does It Come From?
Dr. Susanne V. Hering
California Institute of Technology
November 25, 1975 arp Ejection And Alignment In Extragalactic Objects
Dr. Halton Arp
Hale Observatories
December 2, 1975 conwell The Northern Lights
Peter Conwell
Sonoma State College
February 10, 1976 film Albert Einstein: The Education Of A Genius
Film presentation
February 17, 1976 vanderbuilt Microcomputers
Paul Vanderbilt
Fairchild Semiconductors
February 24, 1976 salanave Lightning Exposed
Leon Salanave
San Francisco State Universit
March 2, 1976 tenn Nuclear Reactions In Stars
Dr. Joe S. Tenn
Sonoma State College
March 9, 1976 sher What Nuclear Power Plants Do
Dr. Rudoph Sher
Stanford University
March 16, 1976 lash Radioactive Wastes: Where Will They Go?
Dr. Terry Lash
Natural Resources Defense Council
March 23, 1976 budnitz Reactor Safety: The American Physical Society Study
Dr. Robert Budnitz
UC Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
March 30, 1976 finton Health Aspects Of Nuclear Power
Dr. Roland Finston
Stanford University
April 6, 1976 dunning Coal: The New Black Gold?
Dr. John R. Dunning
Sonoma State College
April 20, 1976 doctor Energy Conservation And Its Implications
Dr. Ronald Doctor
California Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission
April 27, 1976 kunkel Fusion: Status And Prospects
Dr. Wulf B. Kunkel
University of California, Berkeley
May 4, 1976 ruby The Impact Of Nuclear Energy In California
Dr. Lawrence Ruby
University of California, Berkeley
May 11, 1976 faulkner Can A Beautiful Young Star Find Lasting Happiness In The Arms Of A Degenerate Dwarf?
Dr. John Faulkner
University of California, Santa Cruz
September 7, 1976 boughn Gravity Waves
Dr. Stephen Boughn
Stanford University
September 14, 1976 freedman Explorers Of The Infinite: Teaching Physics Through Science Fiction
Roger Freedman
Stanford University