What Physicists Do - Archive

Date Aboutsort ascending
November 15, 2004 Siegman “light Brings Us News of the Universe...”
Professor Emeritus Tony Siegman
Stanford University
November 16, 1976 shu Understanding Spiral Galaxies
Dr. Frank H. Shu
University of California, Berkeley
April 20, 2015 Shu the Future of Energy
Dr. Frank Shu
UC San Diego
November 16, 1992 Shore the Theory of Ideal Metals
Dr. Herbert B. Shore
San Diego State University
March 16, 1992 Shlain Art and Physics: Parallel Visions of Space, Time, and Light
Dr. Leonard Shlain
February 6, 2012 Shi Impact of Magnetism Doping on the Optical Properties of Zinc Oxide
Dr. Hongtao Shi
Sonoma State University
April 28, 2008 Shi Fabrication and Studies of Magnetic Nanostructures
Dr. Hongtao Shi
Sonoma State University
September 13, 2004 Shi Magnetic Recording
Dr. Hongtao Shi
Sonoma State University
April 17, 2000 Sheridon Electronic Paper: The Physics and the Human Issues
Nicholas Sheridon
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
March 9, 1976 sher What Nuclear Power Plants Do
Dr. Rudoph Sher
Stanford University
November 22, 2010 Sher Exploring Neural Function, Structure, and Development
Dr. Sasha Sher,
University of California, Santa Cruz
November 26, 1990 Shen Surfaces Illuminated by Light
Dr. Yuen-Ron Shen
University of California at Berkeley
March 19, 2001 Shelkov Matter, Antimatter, and Cp Violation
Dr. Vasilli Shelkov
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
March 8, 2004 Shawhan the Quest to Detect Gravitational Waves
Dr. Peter Shawhan
California Institute of Technology
May 15, 1989 Shaw the Paradox of Prediction
Dr. Rob Shaw
MacArthur Fellow
October 30, 1972 shapiro Energy, Man, And All That
Dr. Charles Shapiro
California State University, San Francisco
April 9, 2012 Shambat Advanced Nanophotonic Devices for Ultralow Power and Ultrafast Lasers and Leds
Gary Shambat
Stanford University
November 5, 2007 Shakouri Thermionic Energy Conversion for Waste Heat Recovery
Dr. Ali Shakouri
University of California, Santa Cruz
September 25, 2023 Shaghoulian The Black Hole Information Paradox
Dr. Edgar Shaghoulian
March 20, 2017 Severson Science and Society
Dr. Scott Severson
Sonoma State University