What Physicists Do - Archive

Date Aboutsort descending
September 13, 1999 Birkett an Overview of Physics Education Research
Dr. Bruce Birkett
University of California, Berkeley
March 9, 1992 Bishop Radioisotope Production for Positron Emission Tomography
Allyson Bishop
University of California, Los Angeles
February 29, 1988 Bland in Quest of the Free Quark
Dr. Roger Bland
San Francisco State University
February 15, 2005 Blandford Cosmic Tennis
Dr. Roger Blandford
Stanford University
October 26, 1998 Blitz Littlegreen Men and All That
Dr. Leo Blitz
University of California, Berkeley
February 28, 1972 bloch How I Became A Physicist
Professor F. Bloch
November 20, 1978 Bloomer The Influence Of Matter On Geometry
Dr. Iris Bloomer
Sonoma State University
February 7, 1983 Blumenthal Gravitinos And The Clumpy Universe
Dr. George R. Blumenthal
University of California, Santa Cruz
October 7, 1974 bodine The Student And The Company
Dr. Norman R. Bodine
Engineering, Independent Cable Division, Eltra Corp.
September 29, 1980 Bok Two Films On Modern Telescopes
Dr. Bart Bok
University of Arizona
October 28, 1975 bolt Predicting Earthquakes And What To Do About Them
Dr. Bruce Bolt
University of California, Berkeley
May 4, 1998 Bolte the Age of the Universe
Dr. Michael Bolte
UCO/Lick Observatory and the University of California, Santa Cruz
September 27, 1982 Borchers Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion: Doing It With Mirrors
Dr. Robert R. Borchers
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
October 22, 1990 Borchers Scientific Computation: The Third Way
Dr. Robert Borchers
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
April 7, 2014 Boruta What Did This Physicist Do? The Many Facets of an Applied Physics Career!
Dr. Nicholas Boruta
February 16, 2015 Boshuizen Cubesats for Earth Imaging
Chris Boshuizen
Planet Labs
September 19, 1988 Bouchet Cosmic Strings and Large Scale Structures in the Universe
Dr. François Bouchet
University of California at Berkeley
September 7, 1976 boughn Gravity Waves
Dr. Stephen Boughn
Stanford University
October 27, 1986 Bourret Growing Single Crystals for Semiconductor Devices
Dr. Edith Bourret
UC Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
March 1, 1999 Bousso Pinching the Doughnut: Quantum Black Holes and the Global Structure of the Universe
Dr. Raphael Bousso
Stanford University