What Physicists Do - Archive

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April 11, 1988 Spear Cepheids Are Not Just Standard Candles
Dr. Gordon G. Spear
Sonoma State University
May 15, 1978 Spear Astronomical Research At The Sonoma State College Observatory
Dr. Gordon G. Spear
Sonoma State University
April 12, 1977 Spear The Search For Planets Beyond The Solar System
Dr. Gordon Spear
Sonoma State College
October 12, 1987 Spencer Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Physics at Work for Medicine
Dr. Cherrill Spencer
Resonex, Inc.
September 27, 2004 Spilker First Results From the Cassini-Huygens Mission at Saturn
Dr. Linda Spilker
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech
May 5, 1986 Spinrad Halley's Comet: What Have We Learned?
Dr. Hyron Spinrad
University of California, Berkeley
September 14, 1981 Spinrad Spectroscopic Studies Of Recent Comets
Dr. Hyron Spinrad
University of California, Berkeley
April 13, 1971 sposito Physics And Water Pollution
Dr. Garrison Sposito
Sonoma State College
November 27, 1972 sposito Water Resources In Sonoma County
Dr. Gary Sposito
Sonoma State College
November 18, 1996 Sprehn an Adaptive Optic
Greg Sprehn
Massie Research Laboratories, Inc.
November 4, 1991 Sprehn the Sonoma State University Very Small Array
Greg Sprehn
Sonoma State University
September 12, 2022 SSU Students SSU Student Research Experiences
SSU Student REU Talks
Sonoma State University
November 30, 1992 Stahler Energetic Jets and Outflows From Young Stars
Dr. Steven Stahler
University of California at Berkeley
November 10, 1986 Stahler How Stars Are Made
Dr. Steven Stahler
NASA Ames Research Center
February 26, 2007 Stanford Islands in the Sky
Dr. Adam Stanford
University of California, Davis
March 28, 1994 Stapp Mind, Matter, and Quantum Mechanics
Dr. Henry P. Stapp
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
April 9, 1984 Starkweather Xerographic Imaging And Its Uses
Gary K. Starkweather
Xerox Palo Alto Resaearch Center
March 21, 1988 Steele Problems in Robot Design
Dr. Robert E. Steele
Motion Engineering, Santa Barbara
November 8, 2021 STEP Becoming a Middle or High School STEM Teacher
SSU STEP Program
Sonoma State University
February 11, 2019 Stephens The Keys to Innovation: Priming Your Brain to Percolate Brilliant Ideas
Dr. Ransom Stephens