What Physicists Do - Archive

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April 24, 1995 Chester Aesthetics of a Discrete Element Torsional Transmission Line
Dr. Marvin Chester
Emeritus Professor at UCLA
October 25, 1993 Chester God Plays Dice: A Physical Demonstration
Dr. Marvin Chester
University of California, Los Angeles
October 15, 1984 Cheung Ion Beam Analysis Of Silicon Interface Structures
Dr. Nathan Cheung
University of California, Berkeley
February 13, 1989 Chiang Imaging Molecules on Surfaces by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Dr. Shirley Chiang
IBM Almaden Research Center
April 19, 2005 Chiang High Resolution Surface Microscopy of Chemical Reactions and Phase Transitions
Dr. Shirley Chiang
University of California, Davis
February 9, 2004 Chiang the Search for Planet X: The Solar System Beyond Neptune
Dr. Eugene Chiang
University of California at Berkeley
March 4, 1991 Chiao Testing Action at a Distance in Quantum Mechanics
Dr. Raymond Y. Chiao
University of California, Berkeley
April 8, 1991 Christian High Resolution Imaging From the Ground
Dr. Carol Christian
University of California, Berkeley
November 6, 1972 christiansen Special Relativity
Arnold Christiansen
Sonoma State College
April 7, 1986 Chu the Biomedical Use of Heavy Ions
Dr. William T. Chu
UC Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
April 2, 2007 Church the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation and the Origin of the Universe
Dr. Sarah Church
Stanford University
February 10, 2014 Clarke Star in a Jar: The Physics of Single Bubble Sonoluminescence
Dr. Doug Clarke
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
November 28, 2005 Clarke Testing Einstein: The Gravity Probe B Relativity Mission
Bruce Clarke
Stanford University
November 5, 1979 Clarke Squids And Geophysics
Dr. John Clarke
University of California, Berkeley
November 7, 2016 Coble Using Results From Research on Undergraduate Learning in Cosmology to Build and Test an Interactive Student-Centered Curriculum
Dr. Kim Coble
October 8, 1973 coffey Magnetic Levitation
Dr. Howard Coffey
Stanford Research Institute
October 16, 1995 Cohen Predicting New Materials: Alchemy With Computers
Professor Marvin L. Cohen
University of California at Berkeley
May 7, 1984 Cohen The Birth Of Stars
Dr. Martin Cohen
University of California, Berkeley and NASA Ames Research Center
April 11, 1983 Cohen Predicting Properties Of Solids
Dr. Marvin L. Cohen
University of California, Berkeley
October 27, 2008 Cohen Einstein, Nanoscience, and Superconductivity
Dr. Marvin L. Cohen
University of California at Berkeley