Thomas George Cowling

Thomas George Cowling


Date of Birth
June 17, 1906
Date of Death
June 16, 1990

A student of E. Arthur Milne at Oxford, Thomas Cowling did research with Sydney Chapman at Imperial College, London and taught applied mathematics at the universities of Wales (University College Swansea), Dundee, Manchester, and Bangor. From 1948 until his death he was at the University of Leeds, from which he retired in 1970. His early work on stellar structure included studies of convection and radiation in transporting stellar energy and the stability of stars. He was first to compute a stellar model (the “Cowling model”) with a convective core and a radiative envelope. This work paralleled that of Ludwig Biermann, with whom he sometimes collaborated by correspondence. Later Cowling studied sunspots and developed much of the theory of magnetic fields in stars and magnetospheres, including the Sun-Earth connection. He wrote several influential books in applied mathematics.

Presentation of Bruce medal

Mercury 14, 40 (1985). See also Physics Today 38(6), 89 (1985).

Other awards

Royal Astronomical Society, Gold medal, 1956, presented by H. Jeffreys, MNRAS 116, 229 (1956).
Royal Society, Hughes Medal, 1990.

Some offices held

Royal Astronomical Society, President, 1965-67.

Biographical materials

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Academic genealogy


Named after him

Minor Planet #12139 Tomcowling


Papers, etc.

The AIP Niels Bohr Library & Archives has a 1978 oral history interview with Cowling.

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Other Works: Popularizations, History, etc.

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