Carl Vilhelm Ludvig Charlier

Carl Vilhelm Ludvig Charlier


Date of Birth
April 1, 1862
Date of Death
November 5, 1934

Carl Charlier worked in his native Sweden: at the University of Uppsala, where he was educated and later lectured, at Stockholm Observatory, where he was an assistant for two years, and at the University of Lund, where he was observatory director for thirty years. After working in celestial mechanics, the calibration of photographic photometry, and the theory of lenses, he turned to statistics. He made contributions to pure statistics, especially the theory of errors, and made extensive statistical studies of the distribution and motions of stars in the solar neighborhood. He showed that the hotter stars and galactic clusters form a flattened system, but his neglect of interstellar absorption prevented him from realizing the true extent of the Galaxy. He is best known for proposing a hierarchical model of the universe. In his later years he became interested in the history of astronomy and translated Newton’s Principia into Swedish.

Presentation of Bruce medal

Trumpler, R.J., PASP 45, 5-14 (1933).

Other awards

National Academy of Sciences, James Craig Watson Medal, 1924.

Biographical materials

Guttorp, Peter and Georg Lindgren, Wiley Online Library
Svenskt Biografiskt Handlexikon (older, briefer edition) [in Swedish]
Tenn, Joseph S., “C.V.L. Charlier: The Twenty-eighth Bruce Medalist,” Mercury  24, 3, 40 (1995).


L[undmark], K[nut], MNRAS 95, 339-42 (1935).


The Royal Library: The National Library of Denmark and Copenhagen University Library

Named after him

Charlier series or Gram-Charlier series
Lunar crater Charlier
Martian crater Charlier
Minor Planet #8677 Charlier


Papers, etc.

Charlier’s papers are at the University of Lund Library.

Other References: Historical

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Other References: Scientific

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Other Works: Popularizations, History, etc.

Newton, Isaac, Naturvetenskapens Matematiska Principer [Translation of Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica by C.V.L. Charlier] (C.W.K. Gleerups, Lund, 1927 (Part I) and 1931 (Parts II and III).