CubeSat Lab

The CubeSat Laboratory occupies  a 150 sq ft space within the SSU Physics & Astronomy Department facilities on the third floor of Darwin Hall. The lab includes a solar simulator station, and a small vacuum chamber. Additional instrumentation includes a vibration stand and a thermal vacuum system. SSU students have also constructed a Yagi antenna array 435 MHz ground station that is located on the roof of SSU’s Student Center. 

SSU's first CubeSat, T-LogoQube was built in these facilities in Darwin Hall. It was launched from a Russian Dnepr rocket into orbit in November 2013. T-LogoQube operated successfully for two months. SSU’s second satellite Edgecube, was funded by NASA and launched in January 2020. EdEon STEM Learning is part of a team building a CubeSat in conjunction with NASA’s IMAP (Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe) mission. IMAP’s Student Collaboration is a joint project with the University of New Hampshire, and Howard University. IMAP and the IMAP CubeSat are scheduled to launch in 2024.