William Alfred Fowler

William Alfred Fowler


Date of Birth
August 9, 1911
Date of Death
March 14, 1995

“Willy” Fowler earned his B.S. in engineering physics at Ohio State University and his Ph.D. in nuclear physics at the California Institute of Technology, where he remained for the rest of his life, aside from frequent visits to the University of Cambridge. For decades he investigated the nuclear reactions believed to occur in stellar interiors. He and his colleagues and successors at Caltech’s Kellogg Radiation Laboratory measured the rates of nearly all nuclear reactions of astrophysical interest. He coauthored, with Margaret BurbidgeGeoffrey Burbidge, and Fred Hoyle, the famous 1957 paper, “Synthesis of the Elements in Stars,” known as B2FH. They showed how the cosmic abundances of essentially all but the lightest nuclides could be explained as the result of nuclear reactions in stars. After 1964 Fowler worked on theoretical problems involving supernovae, gravitational collapse, neutrinos, formation of light elements, and nucleocosmochronology.

Presentation of Bruce medal

Mercury 8, 75 (1979).

Other awards

American Astronomical Society, Henry Norris Russell Lectureship, 1963.
Vetlesen Foundation, Vetlesen Prize, 1973
Legion d’Honneur, 1989.
National Science Foundation, National Medal of Science, 1974.
National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Jansky Lectureship, 1988.
Nobel Foundation, Nobel prize, physics, 1983.
Royal Astronomical Society, Eddington medal, 1978.

Some offices held

American Physical Society, President, 1976.

Biographical materials

Caltech Archives, Biography accompanying Fowler’s papers
Clayton, Donald D., Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers (Springer, NY, 2007), pp. 382-84.
Fowler, William A., Autobiography on receipt of Nobel Prize.
Fowler, William A., “From Steam to Stars in the Early Universe,” Annual Review of Astronomy & Astrophysics 30, 1-9 (1992).


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More obituaries


Caltech Archives [many]
AIP Center for History of Physics
Clemson University, Photo Archive in Nuclear Astrophysics [includes many candid shots with others].
Sonoma State University, speaking 31 March 1986 (photo by JST)

Named after him

Minor Planet #12137 Williefowler


Papers, etc.

Papers, several oral history interviews, and many photographs are at the Caltech Archives. A lengthy 1983-86 series of oral history interviews is available online. The AIP Niels Bohr Library & Archives has five oral history interviews of Fowler.

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Other Works: Popularizations, Fiction, etc.

Fowler, William A.., “Nuclear Clues to the Early History of the Solar System,” Leaflets of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 9, 81-88 (1963) [Leaflet #411].

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