Hermann Carl Vogel

Hermann Carl Vogel


Date of Birth
April 3, 1841
Date of Death
August 13, 1907

Hermann Vogel studied astronomy at the Universities of Leipzig and Jena and then directed a private observatory for four years. He joined the staff of the Potsdam Astrophysical Observatory even before it opened in 1876, and served as its director from 1882 to 1907. Vogel made spectroscopic analyses of stars, planets, comets, and the sun. He was the first to demonstrate the sun’s rotation by measuring Doppler shifts of its receding and approaching limbs. He made detailed tables of the solar spectrum and attempted spectral classification of stars. Vogel’s most important work was photographic measurement of Doppler shifts to determine radial velocities of stars. He discovered one of the first spectroscopic binaries, and, with Julius Scheiner, made the first spectroscopic determination of stellar diameters and masses. He oversaw the design and construction of the Great Potsdam Refractor.

Presentation of Bruce medal

Townley, Sidney D., PASP 18, 101-110 (1906).

Other awards

Government of Germany, Order Pour le Mérite for Arts and Sciences, 1895
National Academy of Sciences, Henry Draper Medal, 1893.
French Academy of Sciences, Valz Prize, 1891.
Royal Astronomical Society, Gold medal, 1893.

Biographical materials

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AIP Center for History of Physics
Steinicke, Wolfgang

Named after him

Lunar crater Vogel
Martian crater Vogel
Minor Planet #11762 Vogel


Other References: Historical

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