What Physicists Do - Archive

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November 24, 2003 Tenn Neutrinos and Nobels
Dr. Joseph S. Tenn
Sonoma State University
March 19, 1979 Tenn Bose-Einstein Condensation And Superfluidity In Liquid Helium
Dr. Joe S. Tenn
Sonoma State University
March 6, 2000 Tenn Astronomy in the Twentieth Century
Dr. Joseph S. Tenn
Sonoma State University
November 21, 1977 Tenn The Discovery Of The Galaxies
Dr. Joe S. Tenn
Sonoma State College
October 7, 1971 tenn What Astrophysicists Do
Dr. Joe Tenn
Sonoma State College
September 25, 2017 Tchekhovskoy Simulations of Black Hole Accretion, Jets, and Outflows
Alexander Tchekhovskoy
March 2, 1971 tbd Measuring One In A Million
April 4, 2022 TBA TBA
Valton Smith
October 14, 1996 Taylor Finding the Quarks
Dr. Richard Taylor
Stanford University
March 5, 1979 Taylor The Black Holes Of Gravity
Professor John Taylor
Sonoma State University
May 6, 1985 Tarter Seti: Plans and Preparations for the Microwave Observing Program
Dr. Jill Tarter
University of California, Berkeley
September 20, 2004 Tarter Seti: Pulling Signals Out of Cosmic Noise
Dr. Jill Tarter
SETI Institute
October 3, 1977 Tarter Searching For Extraterrestrial Intelligence With Existing Radio Telescopes
Dr. Jill C. Tarter
NASA Ames Research Center
September 16, 2013 Targett a Citizen Science Colonization Model for the Koprulu Sector in Starcraft 2
Dr. Tom Targett
Sonoma State University
March 18, 1975 targ Experimental Evidence For Remote Viewing Of Natural Targets
Dr. Russell Targ
tanford Research Institute
November 3, 1997 Tam Using Mathematica in Physics Education
Dr. Patrick Tam
Humboldt State University
October 19, 1981 Talley The Crisis In Science And Technology: It's Here Now
Dr. Wilson K. Talley
University of California, Davis and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
October 25, 1982 Taber In Search Of The Magnetic Monopole
Dr. Michael Taber
Stanford University
May 5, 1997 Syphers Solar Energy, Sustainability, and the Laws of Physics
Geoffrey Syphers
Eley Associates
September 27, 2010 Syphers Neighborhood Physics and the Science of Sustainable Communities
Geof Syphers
Codding Enterprises