What Physicists Do - Archive

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September 15, 1980 Harrison Electronic Structure Of Solids
Dr. Walter A. Harrison
Stanford University
September 22, 1980 Abarbanel Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide: The Long Term Impact On Climate
Dr. Henry D. I. Abarbanel
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
September 29, 1980 Bok Two Films On Modern Telescopes
Dr. Bart Bok
University of Arizona
October 6, 1980 Eck Gasohol: An Example Of Federal Science-Energy Policy Being Made
Dr. David Eck
Sonoma State University
October 13, 1980 Heilbron Physics Between The Two World Wars
Dr. John L. Heilbron
University of California, Berkeley
October 20, 1980 Meyerhof What Can We Learn From Atomic Collisions?
Dr. Walter E. Meyerhof
Stanford University
October 27, 1980 Packard Photographing Quantized Vortex Lines In Superfluid Helium: Quantum Mechanics You Can See
Dr. Richard E. Packard
University of California, Berkeley
November 3, 1980 Bauer Superficial Physics And Electronics
Dr. Robert S. Bauer
University of California, Berkeley
November 10, 1980 Nelson The University Of California 10-Meter Telescope Project
Dr. Jerry E. Nelson
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
November 17, 1980 Lucke Space Dust And The Reddening Of Starlight
Dr. Peter B. Lucke
Sonoma State University
November 24, 1980 Basri Space Astronomy: The Einstein And Iue Observatories
Dr. Gibor Basri
University of California, Berkeley
December 1, 1980 Baumeister Optical Interference Coatings
Dr. Philip W. Baumeister
Optical Coating Laboratories, Inc.
February 23, 1981 Sessler Heavy Ion Inertial Fusion
Dr. Andrew M. Sessler
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
March 2, 1981 Gray Sub-Micron Lithography
Doug Gray
Hewlett-Packard Company
March 9, 1981 Dunning Toward A Practical X-Ray Microscope
Dr. John Dunning
Sonoma State University
March 16, 1981 Rubin How Galaxies Rotate
Dr. Vera C. Rubin
Carnegie Institution of Washington
March 23, 1981 Cuzzi The Saturn System As Seen By Voyager I
Dr. Jeffrey N. Cuzzi
NASA Ames Research Center
March 30, 1981 Snedden Be And Shell Stars
Stephanie Snedden
Sonoma State University
April 6, 1981 Bass Tunable Visible And Ultraviolet Laser Light: Getting There From The Infrared
Dr. Isaac L. Bass
Quanta Ray, Inc.
April 20, 1981 Siri Assessments Of Tomorrow's Energy: A New Venture For Physicists
Dr. Will Siri
Lawrence Berkeley