Where Are Our Students Now?

Brenton White (1984) is a software research and development engineer at Keysight Technologies in Colorado. He is also the principal of Brenton White Company.

Mark Wiedeman (2009) is a remote solar designer for Sungevity Solar Home Specialists in Oakland, CA. He uses satellite imagery to remotely determine the solar potential of rooftops and uses point recognition software to design and place digital solar arrays.

Suryadi Wijono (1994) is senior marketing manager for polyamides and foams at BASF in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Dan Wilcox (1989) is a research support specialist at Cornell University’s Space Sciences Lab. He was for many years an electronics technician at the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope in Hawaii.

Jamie Williams (2006) is a youth program coordinator for Women’s Mountain Passages, a non-profit agency devoted to improving the lives of women and youth in Quincy, CA.

Steve Williamson (1973) is a principal of MCTS, a consultant for manufacturing companies implementing productivity improvement and employee involvement. He earned a Master of Arts in Teaching degree in physics at UCLA in 1975.

Geoffrey A. Wilson (1984) is an optical engineer and consultant specializing in signal processing algorithms and optics in Oregon. He has worked on bioparticle detection at Hach Homeland Security Technologies in Grants Pass, OR, coherent laser radar at Coherent Technologies in Boulder, CO, and experimental quantum optics at the University of Oregon since earning his Ph.D. in applied physics at the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology in 1992.

Stephanie Winningham (2016) is a Data Governance Analyst on-site at Nike (through Randstad). She formerly worked in data governance at Stanford University.

Stephanie Winningham [formerly Church] (2016) is a data governance associate at Stanford University. She formerly worked at Keysight Technologies in Santa Rosa.

Zachary Wiren (2002) is working in health physics at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. He earned a Ph.D. in physics at Oregon State University in 2008.