Where Are Our Students Now?

Paul Somerville (1993) is the world’s leading YouTube content creator for electric scooters. Along the way he ran SF Operations for Lime, restored million dollar race cars, co-founded a Cafe/Motorcycle shop in San Francisco, won a motorcycle roadracing championship and was a laser product manager for Coherent, Inc. in Santa Clara.

Keith Soreng (1981) is the principal of Golden Gates, a Petaluma-based company that specializes in custom automatic gates and entry systems.

Greg Sprehn (1993) founded and directs Rivendell Heights, Inc., a provider of contract research for medical device development and testing. Specialties include electroretinography, psychophysical eye tracking, infrared, visible and x-ray imaging systems, and instrument design. The holder of three patents in image processing and fiber-optics, he is now based in Middletown and working on the design and test of infrared illumination systems for primate gaze tracking and vision performance tests useful in translational drug development.

Imme Staeffler (1991) is a psychologist practicing adult individual psychotherapy in San Francisco, where she opened a new office in 2018. She earned a doctorate in clinical psychology at Meridian University.

Lee Steele (1985) is a technical writer currently working at the naval warfare center in Indiana. He is has worked for Northrop Grumman and on NASA’'s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope.

Robert E. Steele () founded Motion Engineering, Inc. (now part of Kollmorgen in Santa Barbara in 1990 and served as its chief technical officer, a position he now holds with Kollmorgen. He earned his Ph.D. in physics in 1977 at UC Santa Barbara.

Tyana Stiegler (2003) is a postdoctoral researcher at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where she works on the nEXO detector. which will be searching for neutrinoless double beta decays in liquid xenon. She earned a Ph.D. in experimental particle physics at Texas A&M University in 2013 with research on the LUX (Large Underground Xenon Detector

Joshua Stortz (2012) is the co-owner executive producer of the Vesuvius Group, LLC, an international collaborative of creatives specializing in developing online environments for community-building.

Mary Stowell [formerly Howland] (1986) works in ophthalmic lens design and new product development in the San Diego area. She was for twenty years an optical engineering manager at Signet Armorlite, Inc., a manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses in San Marcos.

Daniel Swearingen (1991) is the Director of Studio Operations of Autistry Studios, a non-profit organization to help teens and young adults with social, communication, and learning differences become successful independent adults, in Marin County. A long-time programmer, webmaster, and businessman, he earned a master’s degree in physics at California State University, Northridge in 1991, and a second master’s in astronomy at Indiana University in 1997.