What Physicists Do - Archive

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October 9, 2000 Ansell Environmentally Safe Phosphors
Dr. Michael Ansell
Sonoma State University
February 12, 1996 Anderson the Science and Art of Laser Light Shows
Steve Anderson
Sonoma State University
May 12, 1986 Anderson Microcomputer Simulations
Scott Anderson
Anderson Studies
April 19, 2021 Anderson From Black Holes to Neural Networks
Dr. Louise Anderson
Google AI
March 7, 2011 Ammons Exoplanets/Carbon Fiber Deformable Mirrors for Telescopes
Dr. Mark Ammons
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
May 10, 1982 Amer Photoacoustic Spectroscopy
Dr. Nabil M. Amer
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
October 8, 1984 Alvarez New Ideas In Elementary Particle Physics
Dr. Orlando Alvarez
University of California, Berkeley
March 11, 1975 alonso Colliding Nuclear Drops
Dr. Carol Travis Alonso
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
November 11, 2002 Alexander Nasa’s Mission to Seek Extraterrestrial Life
Dr. Claudia Alexander
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
March 3, 1997 Alexander Breakthrough Technology in Solid State Lasers
Jason Alexander
Lightwave Electronics
March 26, 2001 Alcorn Tracking Air Pollution in California
Siana Hurwitt Alcorn
Sonoma Technology, Inc.
February 25, 1991 Alcock the Search for Dark Matter in Our Galaxy
Dr. Charles Alcock
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
April 19, 1999 Albrecht What Can We Know About the Universe?
Dr. Andreas Albrecht
University of California, Davis
April 24, 2023 Akindele TBA
Tomi Akindele
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
October 3, 2005 Akbari Cooling the Cities to Reduce Energy Use and Improve Urban Air Quality
Dr. Hashem Akbari
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
March 15, 1999 Aitken the Renewable Energy Transition
Dr. Donald Aitken
Union of Concerned Scientists
March 15, 2010 Aguirre the Inflationary Multiverse
Dr. Anthony Aguirre
University of California, Santa Cruz
October 21, 2013 Ager Solar Fuels Production by Artificial Photosynthesis
Dr. Joel Ager
the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
November 24, 1997 Adler Earth Invades Mars!  Details at 11:00
Dr. Mark Adler
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
May 1, 1989 Acton Space Astronomy— in Person
Dr. Loren Acton
Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory