Where Are Our Students Now?

Bruce Clark (1986) is a senior quality engineer with TheraSense, now part of Abbott Diabetes Care, in Alameda.

Andrew Clawson (2005) is a senior coating engineer at II-VI Optical Systems, Inc. in Murrieta, CA.

Patrick Colbus (2005) was a process engineer doing molecular beam epitaxy and ion implantation in the High Frequency Technology Center at Agilent Technologies in Santa Rosa until an industrial accident.

John Collins (2003) retired in 2015 as equipment technician for the School of Science and Technology and the Department of Chemistry at Sonoma State University. He is now working on his art and music career in Port Angeles, WA.

Peter Conwell (1976) is an associate professor of physics at Westminster College in Utah. He earned his Ph.D. in computational physics at the University of Utah.

Christopher Cook (1988) was promoted to technical fellow at Edmund Optics in New Jersey in 2018. Formerly director of thin films development at Axsun Technologies, he previously built a thin film laboratory while simultaneously working at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory and earning an M.S. in electro-optics engineering at Tufts University. He worked at Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc. while a student at SSU.

Cherie Copeland [formerly Montague] (1995) is a manager at Winsoft in Santa Ana.

Stephan Crandall (1982) is now an artist and photographer. He formerly managed a team of engineers for Polaris Networks in San Jose.

Gregory M. Crawford (1988) is an account manager with Helsinn Therapeutics; a family owned Swiss pharmaceuticals and chemicals manufacturing concern. He lives in Tracy.

Collin Crites (2014) is a graduate student and teaching assistant in physics at Montana State University.