Where Are Our Students Now?

Richard Hertz (1978) is the principal of Hertz Research, a polling and software company in Bodega Bay. He often teaches a course in the SSU Department of Political Science, in which he earned his M.A. in 1989.

Timothy Hessong (2009) is a metrology engineer at Zygo Extreme Precision Optics in Richmond.

Roman Hewette (2005) is an officer in the Coast Guard Reserves and also working as a hopital administrator for the Department of Veterans Affairs. He earned an M.S. in aeronautical science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 2014.

Victoria Hewitt [formerly Moore] (1987) and her husband own and operate a thoroughbred horse farm in Paris, Kentucky. They are authors, whose first novel won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for fantasy and romance. She and her son have published a juvenile novel about Minecraft and are working on another. She was formerly the principal of Lawrence Cook Middle School in Santa Rosa.

Jeremy Hieb (2003) is a senior quality electrical engineer at Zero Motorcycles in Scotts Valley.

Peter Hiep A (2015) is a teaching fellow at KIPP Prize Preparatory Academy in San Jose. He was formerly the production coordinator at Seedles LLC in San Rafael.

Laurel Allen Highland (1983) is a teaching assistant, teaching science at Forestville Elementary School. She was formerly an engineer at Optoelectronics.

Jim Hill (1971) retired in 1999 from teaching physics at Piner High School in Santa Rosa. He is a past president of the Northern California/Nevada section of the American Association of Physics Teachers. Active in ham radio, he helps teach electricity to Sonoma Valley High School students.

Logan Z. Hill (2006) is a security operations technician with EdgeWave.

Bill Hinkle (1987) is an application developer at Intel in Hillsboro, OR.