Student Research

Student Researchers Project Title Academic Year Project Type
Courtney McNatt Developing High School STEM Curriculum 2020 Capstone
Christopher Sellite Visualizing Special Relativity 2020 Capstone
Andrew Evans From Classroom to Solar System: Newkirk Award 2020 Award Project
Kyle Johnson Hichwa Award: Impact of Gold Nanoparticles on ZnO Nanowires 2020-2021 Award Project
Logan Hofer Investigating the Origins of Structural Color and Iridescence in Blue Morpho Butterflies 2020 Capstone
Michael Stephens Infrared Scanning, Object Classification, and Safety Screening: Thermographic photography from theoretical concepts to real world applications 2020 Capstone
Joseph McGuire General Relativity: Motion in Black Hole Spacetimes 2020 Capstone
Zack Tweedy Simulating LIGO: Wavefront Sensing using Interferometry 2019 Capstone
Jacob Davidson Dual Wavelength Laser Photometry of Particulate Matter 2019 Capstone
Scott Allred Synthesis of Nanopore Templates for Nickel Nanowires 2019 Capstone
Ernest Ongaro Analyzing the Properties of Solid-state Refrigeration Technology: Thermoelectric Coolers (TEC) 2019 Capstone
Shannon Lessard Innovative Thinking 2019 Capstone
Zack Tweedy Hichwa Award: Constructing LIGO: Building, calibrating, and testing my own Interferometer 2018 Award Project
Tanner Kimberly Scanning Electron and Atomic Force Microscopies for Imaging Protein and RNA Complexes 2019 Capstone
James Garner Fabrication and Characterization of Zinc Oxide Nanorods 2019 Capstone
Isabella Amyx The Effectiveness of Headgear in Soccer 2019 Capstone
Pedro Jesus Quiñonez Simulating High Redshift Galaxies for JWST 2023 Capstone
Kevin Vasquez How to Improve the Collisions Lab 2023 Capstone
Katie Toman Neurodiversity in STEM Education - Teaching Heliophysics to Students on the Autism Spectrum 2023 Capstone
Erazmus Bish Performing Non-parametric Tests on Model JWST Galaxies 2023 Capstone