Geoffrey Burbidge Bibliography

Papers, etc.

Burbidge’s papers are at the Mandeville Special Collections Library, University of California, San Diego. There are 1974, 1975, and 1977 oral history interviews at the AIP Niels Bohr Library & Archives

Other References: Historical

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Other References: Scientific

Burbidge, Geoffrey, “Selected Publications of Geoffrey Burbidge.” This list includes links to several publications posted online.

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Other Works: Popularizations, History, etc.

Burbidge, Geoffrey, “Concluding Remarks,” in Douglas Gough, ed., The Scientific Legacy of Fred Hoyle (Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge, UK, 2005), 240-43.

Burbidge, G. & E.M. Burbidge, “Obituary: Sir Fred Hoyle,” Observatory 122, 133-35 (2002).

Geoffrey Burbidge

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